A Guide For Writing 500-Word Product Descriptions

After writing hundreds of product descriptions, I started to formalize into templates what I found to be working. Along with helpful input from a few clients, the below guide has been instrumental in creating a 500-word product page.

The template and examples that follow should all be supported by doing your customer research first (why the benefits matter, what features will win them over, what problems they have, what problems you’re solving), but if you’re reading a specific guide about sales product writing, I’m hoping you’re already on top of that.

So, let’s get into it.

Structuring 500-Word Product Descriptions

While merely a suggestion, this is an effective way to deliver bulleted information, 3 compelling headlines, and longer descriptions.

  1. Headline #1 (25 words) – Focus on the benefits!
  2. 3-5 bullet points (20-25 words each) – More on benefits!
  3. Headline #2 (25 words)
  4. Product description (120-150 words)
  5. Headline #3 (25 words)
  6. 3-4 bullet points (20-25 words each) – More on product specifications
  7. 3 main features (30-50 words, w/ a short headline)

So, how does that look in practice? See below for three examples.

500-Word Product Description – Example #1

Fix Frustrating Flyways and Flatten Baby Hairs In An Instant With This All-Day Solution… No Greasy Gels or Smelly Bottles of Hairspray Required!

  1. Calm broken hairs, baby hairs, and flyways in no time at all with the lightweight, portable Hair Wipe, perfect when you’re in a rush  
  2. The super convenient mascara-like size of the Hair Wipe makes getting date-night ready in just minutes or presentation picture-perfect a snap
  3. Suitable for all styles of hair and various hairstyles, including straight hair, curly and for men and women alike, to keep your hair tidy and professional

The Simplest Solution to Solving Stubborn Hair, Frustrating Flyaways, and Misbehaving Baby Hairs Gets You Ready in Just Minutes

When you’re late, the last thing you have time to do is fuss over that frustrating piece of hair that just won’t lay flat.

Whether it’s for a job interview, a big presentation, or an exciting first date, don’t let your hair distract you from your big moment. 

The Hair Wipe makes hair care a cinch. When you have one less thing to worry about, you can focus on what’s in front of you. Just use the mascara-like applicator on that pesky baby hair, flyway, or broken hair and press it into place. 

That means no more sticky gels, messy gunks, or smelly sprays to slow you down. One quick application to set that strand, then it’s back to business. From wedding days and school plays, the Hair Wipe gets you ready for your big moment.

Get your hair big-moment ready in just minutes with the Hair Wipe.

No More Wasted Time In The Bathroom Trying To Get That One Annoying Piece of Hair To Llay Flat… Enjoy All-Day Holds And A Moisturized Look With The Hair Wipe!

  • Hold your hair in place without a greasy look
  • Moisturizing effect keeps your hair shiny and smooth without extra oil content
  • Perfectly sized for purses and clutches 
  • Great for new moms whose baby hairs are growing back after giving birth
  • No scalp stress with low-impact, gentle application 

Solves Hair Problems For All Types of Hair

Suitable for all hairstyle and hair types, from curly and straight, to wedding formal and workout casual, the Hair Wipe helps you get your hair in line in less time.

Stay Fresh All Day

Thanks to its mascara-like size, the Hair Wipe goes wherever you and your bag go, making it the dream choice for on-the-go touch-ups and last-minute fixes. Stay calm, cool, and collected all day knowing you’ve got your hair handled.

No Grease, No Gunk

When you’re trying to fix a few strands of hair, aerosol hair sprays, hair gels, and mousses are too much. Leave your hair shiny and smooth, not hard and oily, with the Hair Wipe, a great way to get a firm hold in your hair in minutes.

500-Word Product Description – Example #2

Give Your Body A Balanced Supply of B Vitamins For An All-Natural Energy Boost That Helps Your Body Feel Better Now – And Feel Great Later

  1. Enjoy an all-natural boost of energy with Vitality, an invigorating boost of Vitamin B12 Complex that’s essential for the maintenance of a healthy nervous system
  2. Support your body’s natural functions by better breaking down carbs, proteins, and fats for a more effective supply of energy
  3. Protect yourself long-term against heart disease, Type 1 diabetes, arthritis, and other chronic conditions
  4. Improve your skin’s tone and radiance with B2 Riboflavin, which helps to balance natural oils
  5. Plus, Vitality’s easy application dropper makes getting essential vitamins convenient and quick

Take This Powerful Mix Of B-Vitamins In Just Seconds To Fortify Your Body’s Tissues And Nervous System For The Long Haul

It’s normal to feel tired after long days. But with our lives getting busier and busier, it’s easy for that occasional tiredness to turn into more serious fatigue.

Not only that, but those busy days can lead to rushed meals and skipped snacks, making it tough to maintain a healthy diet and to give your body the nutrients it needs, not only to support you today but to take care of you tomorrow.

Introducing Vitality B12 Complex. This easy-to-take dropper has a powerful dose of Vitamin B12, along with a host of other B vitamins, to replenish your stores, restore your energy, and help your body and brain to function their absolute best.

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that your body can’t produce on its own, so don’t take the chances of missing out on ensuring your body is getting this vital boost just because of long, exhausting days. Not only does Vitality help with red blood cell creation and energy levels, but it contributes to bone health and mood as well.

This specially curated mixture of B Vitamins works wonders for your skin, too, infusing it with a spark of life and energy. Because it’s not just B12 that gets your skin radiating again, removing dark spots and evening out skin tone – Vitamin B5 brings back hydrated supple skin while Vitamin B6 helps to reduce hormonal imbalances which can lead to acne.

While long days may not always be in your control, your health always can be. Give your body a  boost with Vitality B12 Complex. Order yours today.

Give Your Skin A Daily Pick-Me-Up With The Wide-Ranging Beauty Benefits of Vitality Vitamin B12 Complex

  1. Take on acne and dry skin with Vitamin B2 for a fresher, smoother face
  2. Help your skin stand up against the natural stressors of the environment with Vitamin B3
  3. Fight against dull, dry, static skin with Vitamin B5 to get back that hydrated, supple feeling you deserve
  4. Control hormonal imbalances, redness, and inflammation with a dose of Vitamin B6
  5. Boost that mature, aging skin with a radiant glow thanks to Vitamin B12

Enjoy All-Natural Energy
Sick of that caffeine rollercoaster? B Vitamins help your body metabolize energy through fats, proteins, and carbohydrates so you get more of what you need from your daily diet.

Treat Your Skin
Beauty is more than skin-deep, especially when you can nourish your skin from within thanks to 5 essential B Vitamins, each helping your skin look healthier and feel younger.

Give Back To Your Body
With connections to cardiovascular health, hormone production, good eyesight, and healthy brain function, B Vitamins are essential to making sure your body feels good today  – and works great tomorrow. Vitality B12 Complex makes treating your body to the health it deserves easy.

500-Word Product Description – Example #3

Extend Your Home’s Life, Save Money, and Reduce Energy Consumption With A Handsome, Long-Lasting Metal Roof – The Long-Term Investment That Provides More Value Per Year

  1. Would you rather your roof last for 15-18 years or over 60 years? Compared with other traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles, steel metal roofing has a much longer lifespan
  2. Want a roof that requires minimal maintenance? Steel roofs don’t need monthly check-ups – with an annual walkthrough instead of monthly maintenance, you’ll save time and money
  3. Do you treat your home as an investment? Your roof should be the same. Instead of replacing asphalt shingles that can weaken in harsh weather conditions, a steel roof can last up to three times as long.

Long-Term Energy Efficient Metal Roofs Could Save You Up to 40% Of Your Energy Costs While Keeping Inside Temperatures More Consistent

If you’re considering redoing your roof, you’re probably thinking about how much it’ll cost you. 

Of the roofing contractors we work with, that’s almost always the main topic. And rightfully so – your roof is a big investment! 

But it’s protecting an even bigger investment – your home. 

So when you’re looking for a roof that will protect your most important investment, consider a steel roof.

Consider this: of the types of roofing, steel roofs can last up to 60 years – or longer – without needing to be replaced. 

Other standards, like asphalt shingles, last between 15-18 years. That means you could, without exaggeration, have to pay for an asphalt roof four times before you even have to think about replacing your steel roof.

Plus, metal panels look and work great for townhomes, apartment complexes, garages, ranch-style homes, and more. With an available 22 colors, you can be sure your steel roof will fit in with your desired style, too.

So whether you’re building a new home and deciding on whether to go with metal shingles or looking for a roof replacement material, a steel roof is a long-lasting solution that will protect your home and save you money. 

Invest in the roof that’s protecting your home, and choose steel for your next roof.

22 Available Beautiful Colors Allow You To Create The Mix-and-Match Look For The Home Of Your Dreams – With Brilliant Colors That Are Tried-and-Tested And Guaranteed To Last

  1. A range of 22 colors allows you to create a theme for your home, use complementary colors, and match with other building materials.
  2. Unique thermally efficient design helps to reflect heat, keeping your home cooler on those bright, hot days
  3. Handy color visualizer tool allows you to take different color schemes for a test drive so you can see how your new roof will look before the installation

Concealed Fasteners Make For Easy Installation
Not only will you be reducing the likelihood of roof leakages with these concealed fasteners when compared to exposed fasteners, but no clips are needed to install them. With the use of pancake head fasteners that can be hidden under the panel, the installation’s a breeze, and you’ll still get that traditional standing seam look.

Save On Costs With Cool Metal Roofs
These steel roofs feature roof panels that are reflective and emissive, meaning sunlight and heat are reflected away from your home before the heat is absorbed. That keeps you more comfortable and keeps your electricity bills down.

More Value Per Year
The upfront cost of installing a new roof is one thing. But remember that maintaining a roof and replacing it are costs you’ll have to pay, too. With annual maintenance instead of monthly and a lifespan up to 4x that of traditional roofing materials, residential metal roofing will provide more value per year.