250-Word Product Description Examples

As far as writing product descriptions go, 250 words is a solid length that should give you more room to play around, more freedom to add personal touches, and more compelling ways to sell.

(Nothing against 100-word product descriptions, of course.) 

At this length, most of my clients (95%, I’d bet) look for bullets, so that’s why this is the template I’ve stuck with over the past year. It’s flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of products and helps to streamline the writing process.

250-Word Product Description Template

A headline that creates curiosity or addresses a pain point [10-15 words]

Telling story/Address pain point/what life is like before this product [15-20 words]

Description of the product. [30 words]

How it works/one big idea/what life is like after this product [30 words]

Soft sale. [15 words]

✔ Feature – Benefit. [30-45 words]

✔ Feature – Benefit [30-45 words]

✔ Feature – Benefit [30-45 words]

✔ Feature – Benefit [30-45 words]

Below you’ll find 5 examples. You can see from the outdoorsy vibe of the first to the more refined skincare styling of the last, there is more space for creativity, scene-setting, and mood.

Example #1: Last Embers Lavender Soap

As the night winds down, we share last laughs and watch the campfire fade from roaring beauty to cooling coals, the gang says goodbye, making their way to tents and sleeping bags.

But let’s just watch the fire’s last embers smolder a little while longer, the still-bright remnants of a day spent in the best way: hiking, hanging, and laughing.

With our Last Embers Lavender soap, each wash lets you relive the day’s best moments with a scent guaranteed to put you in a good mood and get you ready for a great night’s sleep.

Sweet Relief – More relieving than putting your pack down after a 10-hour hike, lathering up with Last Embers Lavender soap is the perfect scent after a long, rewarding day. 

Soap As Clean As You’ll Be – There’s no better clean feeling than knowing your soaps are made clean, too. That’s why we are 100% USDA Certified organic and handmade.  

Wanna Smell Like A Hiker? – Just because you hiked all day doesn’t mean you need to smell like it. Lather up with lavender – your tentmate will thank us later!

Best Ingredients For The Best Time – Our Last Embers Lavender soap’s deep purple color is all-natural, coming from comfrey root and alkanet root. Plus, the RSPO Palm Oil makes for a nice, solid bar that’ll last shower after shower.

Made in the USA. Vegan. Organic. No parabens. RSPO Palm Oil. 

Example #2: Portable White Noise Machine

Get Better Sleep and More Focused Work With This Portable White Noise Machine 

Create a quiet environment wherever you need it with the compact and powerfully relaxing Portable White Noise Machine.

Equally good at creating a quiet environment to soothe a child to sleep or to block out unwanted noises so you can study and work, the Portable White Noise Machine is packed with calming sounds and soothing lights to get you in the flow. 

Whether you’re looking to improve your quality of sleep or block out distractions, read on to see how the Portable White Noise Machine can help you today.

✔ Helps Baby Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep – Thanks to gentle white noise, three calming lullabies, and its long battery life, the Portable White Noise Machine is the perfect companion for your child’s nursery to make sure they stay rested.

✔ 9 Soothing, Natural Sounds – Choose between nine high-fidelity sounds, including white noise, ocean beach waves, waterfalls, crickets, forest birds, rain, as well as three different types of lullabies.

✔ Work More Efficiently – This Portable White Noise Machine is also great at masking noise, creating a better environment for you to work, focus, and study.

✔ Compact Design – Fit it right on your bedside table or your desk. At just 8x8x3cm, it can also fit easily in luggage or backpacks to bring it on the go.

✔ Long-Lasting Battery – With a USB rechargeable battery that lasts up to 36 hours of continuous use, you’ll always be prepared.

✔ Calming Light Display – Synchronize your breathing with the relaxing light display, and feel more relaxed in just minutes.

Example #3: DiscoCar

Take Your Party On The Go With DiscoCar 

When the music is pumping and the party is fire, you don’t want to risk ruining the vibes. 

So when it’s time to bounce from Party A to Party B, don’t let a dull drive mess with your flow. 

Introducing DiscoCar, the guaranteed way to turn every trip into a turn-up.

Make every ride come alive with your own electrifying light show. Complete with its own mini-disco ball, 7 brilliant colors, and the ability to synchronize with the beat, you can set the mood just how you want.

DiscoCar is the life of the party, wherever you want to party. Ready for a little more color in your life? Get your own DiscoCar today.

✔ Easy Setup, Easy To Move – With its easy installation and magnetic attachment, your DiscoCar attaches seamlessly to your car’s ceiling, no wires needed.  

✔ Syncs With Music – You play the tunes and DiscoCar follows the beat, giving you synchronized, sensational style all night long.

✔ Party On The Go – DiscoCar is also great for portable fun, like birthday parties, karaoke, concerts, and more. Slide DiscoCar into your bag or pack to bring the party with you.

✔ Stay Charged and Ready – Charge your DiscoCar in just an hour and take advantage of its huge capacity: up to 10 hours with voice mode, and up to 6 hours of white light at full power.

Example #4: Grooming Kit 

Set Yourself Up For At-Home Grooming Success With The Black Bear Grooming Kit

Everything you need for grooming greatness is at your fingertips with the Black Bear Grooming Kit

When you’re ready to take your at-home grooming up a notch, this is the kit for you. Filled with essentials designed by pros with decades of experience in the grooming industry, the Black Bear Grooming Kit has the beard and hair care accessories that will keep you looking and feeling your best.

✔ Complete with the Standards – The Black Bear Grooming Kit is designed to elevate your at-home beard care with a complete set of brush, shears, comb, razor, balm and oil combo, and the travel case.

✔ Customizable – Choose between your comb (Sandalwood or Black Buffalo Horn Comb), your beard care fragrance (Citrus Vanilla Mint, Bourbon Vanilla Coffee Bean, or none), and your straight edge razor’s coloring (black, brown, dark brown, and multi-grain) to create a kit that’s as unique as you are.

✔ An Unbeatable Gift – For the guy just starting on his beard journey or the one who’s ready to level up to a kit made by the pros, the Black Bear Grooming Kit is a guaranteed upgrade that he’ll use for years.

Example #5: Healthy Fats Face Cleanser

The Skin-Soothing Cleanser For Even The Most Sensitive Skin 

Certain skin types are like tough critics – they’re just hard to please. But with our Healthy Fats Face Cleanser, sensitive, aging and dry skin types can relax with an effective pH blanched and creamy cleanser made just for them.

Plus, it doesn’t clog or leave oily or acneic skin feeling greasy.

This non-foaming cleanser is gentle enough to use without water and brings enough skin-soothing, moisture-boosting vitamins, and mineral-rich ingredients that it’s sure to become your daily favorite. 

  • With three natural sources of the antioxidant vitamin E – Jojoba Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, and Avocado Fruit Oil – your skin will be better prepared to fight off everyday exposure to pollutants and other toxins
  • Boost your skin’s UV light defenses with all of the naturally occurring vitamins and fatty acids that Avocado Fruit Oil brings with it 
  • The perfect out-and-about, around-town face cleanser – keep a bottle in your purse to cleanse your face during the day – perfect if you’re out wearing a mask, or dealing with persistent breakouts