100-Word Product Description Examples

I use these templates as a jumping-off point for short product descriptions. They are hardly hard-and-fast rules, but they give a good sense of how you can lead a potential buyer through a short sale.

The choice between bullets and a pure description depends on a few things. Bullets make for an easier read, so if you’re chomping at the bit to get to features and benefits, that’s the way to do it. Full descriptions can set the tone, so if you’re selling more of a brand/style/vibe, you might consider that.

Example #1: 100-Word Product Description w/ Bullets

A headline that creates curiosity or addresses a pain point [10-15 words]

Description of the product. [30 words]

Soft sale. [15 words]

✔ Feature – Benefit. [15 words]

✔ Feature – Benefit [15 words]

✔ Feature – Benefit [15 words]

Example #2: 100-Word Product Description 

A headline that creates curiosity or addresses a pain point [10-15 words]

Address pain point/what life is like before this product [15-30 words]

Description of the product. [30 words]

How it works/one big idea/what life is like after this product [30 words]

Soft sale. [15 words]

The below examples show how you can play with headlines, descriptions, and bullets to deliver story, style, and, with any luck, a sale.

Example #1: Furniture

Warm Your Home With A Handcrafted Chest Made By A Local Craftsman

With its classic, simple design, this Handcrafted Chest fits as beautifully in hallways and living rooms as it does in playrooms.

Each blanket chest is handmade in our shop here in West Virginia and can be customized just for you and your family. Order yours today.

  • Handcrafted Expertise – Made with solid mortise and tenon construction and a lid supported by a full-length piano hinge, these blanket chests are built to last.
  • Gifts That Spark Tradition – Give these to family, friends, and loved ones to start a new tradition based on handmade, well-crafted pieces that will be passed from generation to generation.
  • Created For You – These beautiful chests are built to your specifications you’d like a different size or color, to add cedar bottoms, or to include a soft close lid. 

Example #2: Bucket Bag

A memorable getaway deserves an unforgettable bag. The Aura Bucket Bag channels understated design with organic materials to give you mobility and minimalism wherever the weekend takes you. 

  • Style and Storage – Slide in your water bottle and wallet, use the expandable circular brim to keep your goggles, towel, and slippers separate and try the detachable hanging orbit for house or car keys
  • At-Home Decor – When the staycation calls, use this bag as a vase or a place for produce, letting the inspired aesthetic of this handmade bag stand out in your home
  • Handcrafted Touch –  Hand-crocheted with reflective paracord to imbue this Aura Bucket Bag with a one-of-kind look
  • 3 Colorful Styles – Available in Cover Green (Gray Green), Honey Gold (Yellow), and Jet Black

Example #3: Shirts for Nurses

For The Nurse Who Just Needs A *Minute* 

Nurse! Where’s that chart?

Nurse! Where’s that prescription?

Nurse! Nurse! Nurse!

Everywhere Residential Nurses turn, there’s someone asking for something. 

Well, RN doesn’t stand for RIGHT NOW, does it?

If this sounds *too* familiar, then you may have just found the perfect rn t-shirt. 

Nurses know how to take other people’s temperatures, but who checks in when nurses are feeling the heat?

Well, with this fun shirt they can let the clinic know they just need a minute to cool down.

Anyone looking for a t-shirt for registered nurses should grab one of these. 

Order one for yourself – and the nurse in your life – today!