Hi, I’m Alex

  • I used to be a television producer who wanted nothing more than to spend every free second writing in some foreign location.
  • I spent nights looking for places to travel, talking to tour guides, making my itineraries.
  • Then I spent summers volunteering on wineries, working at hotels, and launching tour companies.
  • Through it all, I wrote. And I learned. And I spoke with – and worked with – people from around the world.
  • And I learned a simple truth.
  • We’re more alike than we are different, but those differences can keep us apart.
  • Language barriers, cultural divides, being lost in translation.
  • So I spent the next few months of my life trying to figure out how to transition from being a multi-award-winning television producer to a copywriter, applying the skills that helped me flourish in Los Angeles to help you flourish, whether you’re a coffee grower, launching your e-commerce business, starting up a tour company, or more.
  • Because your success is my success.

So why am I telling you all this?

  • I love working with people. I love projects. I love collaborators. With that, I want to share what I’m going through to help you and your project grow, too
  • I like to…
  • Read. A lot. And talk about what I’ve read
  • Test out ideas.
  • Talk about those tests.
  • Write about the process.
  • Then I share that experience. I know not everyone is in a place to pay for help right now. But it’s always the right time to invest. So that’s why I’ll be writing blogs, articles, and a daily e-mail with the real-time lessons I’m learning.

Here you’ll find ideas, best practices, and guides on copywriting, branding, and storytelling.

  • Completely free.
  • I’d like to publish at least one article a week that will help you to improve your business, attract international attention, or just become a plain better business owner.
  • And even have some fun while we do it.
  • It’s not always easy to craft the life you want. I know. I’m in the middle of it. But it’s important to try.
  • And I want to work with people who take their businesses seriously. So with this site, you’ll see the breadcrumbs from the path I’m on and from the people I’m on it with as we grow and work together.
  • Onward!