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Two interviews

I was re-writing my About section when I got to thinking about this pair of interviews that bookend my television career up to this point. The most recent happened just after New Year’s while I was traveling in Amsterdam with Glory. As the call came to an end, I found myself laughing for a few reasons. One reason stemmed from the actual interview, where I was asked what the weirdest thing I’d eaten lately was (in Copenhagen we ate an open-faced sandwich with bull testicles and roe, and the honorable mention were the baked octopus ink chips that accompanied a different Danish meal). The other laugh came from enjoying the parallel between this and another international interview early on in my television career.

That call happened in June of 2009, the summer between my junior and senior years at UCLA. I was in the airport in Ecuador, crammed inside a phone booth, speaking with an HR rep from NBC about an internship for one of their long-running talk shows. I had a 15-minute window to hit all the necessary points about my interests and experience before I had to be at the gate for my flight to Costa Rica, where I’d be spending two weeks volunteering on a community-based art project.

At minute 22 of my call, I heard my name followed by stern warnings in Spanish about missing my flight. I sped through the ending pleasantries, rushed out of the phone booth, paid for the call and sprinted toward the gate without collecting my change. Barely, just barely, I made my flight, out of breath, giddy, and charged. I went onto Costa Rica, my mind full of possibilities.

I got the internship for the fall. It led to another in the spring, and then to my first job in television a few months later. Since that time I’ve gone on to produce talk shows for Fox, CBS, and Pivot.

I feel now the same openness as I did heading toward Costa Rica. I’m heading now toward a series of demanding, innovative projects, and the possibilities contained within are so energizing. There will be some conclusion to the phone call, some verdict rendered, a job won, or lost.

In the mean time, there is so much else to do.


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