The Pun After

After a few years of working in television, you begin to get the feel for the ups and downs of show cancellations, planned and unplanned hiatus, and general downtime.

In 2016, I had a one-month break between a summer talk show series and my regular fall job, and I wanted to keep a daily creative practice going so I started this little webcomic below called The Pun After. Each morning, I’d draft 10 puns of debatable quality, and the one I liked the most I’d turn into the comics you see below.

The rest exist in a list of maybe 300 bad jokes, and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone.

  • Did you hear about the kitchen-themed bed and breakfast? It's called the Kitsch Inn.
  • Abe Lincoln loved to play board games, and was often overheard bragging to his friends about his skills. Remember my Connect Four score from seven years ago?
  • No one is allowed to use the new shelf I installed at home. I'm shelfish that way.
  • I'm a big supporter of anyone who makes a living off of fighting the man. I'm pro pro protesters.
  • The calculus class is starting a combo math/graphics club. They'll solve all your special fx needs.
  • Our new coach is from Moscow which explains all the Russian plays.
  • Before his writing took off, Shakespeare really wanted to run his own restaurant. I would've eaten at William Shakespeare's Really Yum Steaks Here
  • If you ever need things to do in Portland, just let me know.
  • I was asked to officiate an underwear competition. I'll be the head rumpire.
  • I have a good tip if you're thinking about investing in the sock market. Buy low-cut, sell knee high.
  • I spilled chocolate sauce on my desert boots. Now they're dessert boots.