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The 10-Week Mark

10 weeks ago, I started a newsletter called Connect The Thoughts. It was to be a digest of interconnected reading, drawing lines of discovery between books, magazine articles and the news, and it was to be weekly. Because I didn’t know exactly the commitment it would take to do the ongoing research for a project like this, and to whittle down the mass of materials into a coherent work, I set a goal of doing 10 newsletters.

Now, here we are, 10 weeks later. 11,000 words later. Given that a newsletter references 2-3 books on average, and 5 articles, that’s about 20 hours of research per piece, and then a few more writing it. So it’s not just culling through the day’s news, parsing out headlines, and sending them along.

Fitting that into a new full-time work schedule hasn’t always been easy. It meant waking up at 4:30am on the morning of a 12-hour day to get a concentrated block of writing time. It’s meant staying up till 2am in the middle of the week to get it finished. But just as as runners never regret a run, I never regret having written. Connecting ideas about coffee and writing and North Korea and Mars and earthquakes and food makes me aware of how unfathomably big our world is, but also how fucking interesting it is. It’s been a blast.

I want Connect The Thoughts to be an “[engine] of serendipity that generate a background hum of opportunity” for myself, and for others. It will continue to be released Fridays by e-mail, and now it’ll come out Mondays on Medium, too. Coming up are letters on Beanie Babies, morality, the future of American retail, artificial intelligence, and, of course, mermaids.

So, as Howard Schulz would say in signing off…


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