Passport Creative: Storytelling for your international business


Here are a collection of free guides I’ve put together for you to kickstart your storytelling.

Spark, Foster, Move Captions

Write better texts on social media. Captions according to the content system we use in the Tremento Tribe.

15 x AirBnB Host Tips

We asked Airbnb hosts around the world for their top tips and summarized them in this guide.

27 Instagram BnB Tips

Ideas and tips for Bed and Breakfasts on Instagram. Also useful for hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Food Photography

A little guide with 10 super handy tips to create better food photos, with just your phone! Time to create some eye candy

Caption Inspiration

Full of inspiring captions which you can pretty much copy & paste to your own social media channels!

Buyer Persona Guide

Find out who your (ideal) customer is and how to target them. What content should you be creating?

Event Calendar 2020

There's so many holidays and events throughout the year. Use them as hooks for your content!