Project Archive

This is a list of active and living projects, and projects that have come and gone.

Active Projects


Hovmojis are a sticker pack I created for iMessages featuring my cat, Hova, done as an exercise to understand better the App Store. I’ll be updating this semi-regularly with new photos and poses for the world’s laziest lady.

If you’d like to learn how to create your own, read my 10 steps for turning your pet into a sticker pack here.

Fantastic Ballads are returning this summer in short, animated form. They are 20-30 verse rhyming stories, intended to be fantastical, silly, and sordid. They are the project I just can’t shake, I’ve been working on them in some form since I was 16.

Past Projects

Connect A Book

Connect A Book was a book connection social network that empowered readers to connect books they had read to other books, discuss with others, and interact with authors.

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Launching the site was a process beset with difficulties. My first contracted development team from Phoenix reneged on our agreement and disappeared in May of 2015. Shortly after, I found an amazing Ukrainian team, and the network went live in July of 2015. Building the site out, connecting with readers, and working with authors were all invaluable experiences. After 6 months though it became clear to me that the site was not gaining traction, and I didn’t have the funding to shift gears. So, as I decided to put the site on the back-burner, I wrote about the “exhausting and expensive and educational and elating” experience that Connect A Book ended up being.

Bonus Material: The programming team I worked with created a walk-through video of Connect A Book. I highly recommend watching it.


The Pun After, updated each weekday, is the latest entry in my long history of comic strips. I took a page out of the Dinosaur Comics playbook and had a four-panel comic illustrated, so all that’s required of me is to write jokes, puns and play-on-words.

The Pun After can be found at the TPA website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Though I aimed for 100 installments, I chose to end the comic after 66.

Connect The Thoughts

Connect The Thoughts was a weekly digest I wrote to make sense of the mountain of magazines and books I was consuming during a period of unemployment in 2015. I aimed for 10 installments and ultimately wrote 13. In them, I attempted to connect disparate thoughts, like Mars and 3D printing, the drought and renewable energy, luck and opportunity, and the world of smell.

I enjoyed writing these longer-form pieces about what I was thinking and reading (you can find the majority of them here on my site) but once I started back at work-full time, I could not sustain the level of input necessary to keep them flowing.

cardmageddon logo

The Cardmageddon was a greeting card company with a focus on Los Angeles and its surrounding neighborhoods. It began life as Sweetcards and was launched as an experiment: could we launch a company in 12 hours? In short… sort of. It took us 24 hours because we designed over four hundred greeting cards, more than one for every single neighborhood in Los Angeles county.

The site, which was powered by a combination of Shopify and Printful, was successful in that we made more money than we spent.

Here are the lessons we learned launching a company in 24 hours. After the rush of Valentine’s Day sales, we transitioned Sweetcards to The Cardmageddon and focused on fewer cards with better, more iconic designs.

At that point, though, we found the work wasn’t being split as evenly as it was in the beginning, so we wound down our operations and pursued independent projects.

#I Love You Eggery Day

This is a daily culinary photo-project, wherein I cook, bake, fry, scramble or otherwise prepare eggs once a day for the month I have off between two television jobs. I tend to fall into cooking ruts when working, so I wanted to use my time off in an intentional, creative way.

The project lives under the #ILoveYouEggeryDay hashtag on Instagram.

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