Creative Storytelling

I’ve been putting words into comics, ballads, stories and scripts as far back as I can remember. For your reading pleasure, here is a selection of my works.

(Or if perhaps you are looking for creativity more grounded in unscripted television, you can check out the TV and video I created over 10 years as an award-winning producer.)


Quatre Vingt Quatre – In the summer of 2019, I spent eighty-four days working on vineyards, goat farms and studying throughout France. This is a travelogue of sorts, a collection of eighty-four photo and French/English vignettes from the trip.


Monstrous Me: An Illustrated Guide to the Monsters Inside Us – This is a collection of 40 rhyming stories about the personified (or monstrified) my bad habits, quirks, and qualities. From the Ogre Scheduler (who schedules to much) to the Late Night Snake (who snacks when perhaps he shouldn’t), it’s full of all my worst features.

The Cat Lady’s Cat – A rhyming story about a cat who’d prefer to keep her cat lady to herself, thank you very much.

The Untimely Fall of the Gingerbread Man – This Gingerbread Man still runs as fast as he can, but you can’t escape the monsters you’ve created (read: the stale cookies jealous of all of his fame and attention).


Thomas & Friends – A three episode digital series I wrote for one of my favorite childhood icons, Thomas the Tank Engine.


The Pun After – In an attempt to fill a month before getting back into production in 2016, I started a Dinosaur-comics inspired daily webcomic.

The Drivel – Before I started college in 2006, I drew this black & white strip. It’s not great.