While I’ve been writing most of my life, I began copywriting in earnest a few years ago. I’ve always had a knack for turns of phrase, effective letters, and scripts, so I’ve been building on that foundation to help businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives grow.

From award-winning taglines for National Geographic, Nature Made, Credit Sesame, and Colgate to a Los Angeles-themed greeting card company, I’ve always found challenges that push my creativity.

You can check out a selection of copy, including headlines and product descriptions, here, a sample press release, as well as perhaps the best craigslist car ad ever.

My Copywriting Agency

I am also developing a copywriting agency for travel and tourism. It is called Passport Creative. Part of why I’m in France is to develop this business and better help tour operators, restaurants, and guides in French and Spanish-speaking countries connect with English audiences.

How To Write Copy

If you are looking to break into copywriting, I wholeheartedly recommend participating in CopyHour – a copywriting crash course great for those willing to put in the work – and reading as many good books as possible.

While I can’t pay for your courses, I do update my Copy Notes section with notes on books related to copywriting and marketing.

Branded Content

Through an award-winning decade in television, I have written dozens of scripts (30-second produced videos, interviews, live mentions, and social media pieces) for internationally known brands everywhere from nationally syndicated talk shows to the front page of YouTube.

From running contests to give away cars, creating games for at-home contestants, producing a viral comedy campaign, a surprise-filled live stream on the Youtube homepage, I’ve worked with brands big and small to make sure their messages are communicated to a nationwide audience in an effective, clever, and personal way.

Need ideas on crafting your campaign, or getting your brand on television? Let’s talk about your pitch.