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Books Read in June ’16

Just four days after we returned from Portugal, I began work on a summer preview of a talk show. Despite some continuity of staff from The Real, the show was still very much a startup, which involved late nights and a grinding few weeks to make progress. That, along with my new bike commute to work, did not leave much space for extracurricular reading.

Best June BookMastery by Robert Greene – An incredible look at the paths people take to attain mastery, along with detailed plans for how to follow in their footsteps (or chart your own path, as the case may be). One of the main focuses is on choosing paths and opportunities based on the potential for learning and development, which struck home because I’ve made a few choices over the past three years that were motivated more by autonomy than by development. In letting my ego dictate my path, I’ve found some success, but with that comes a good deal of uncertainty. I’ll be revisiting this book soon.

Other Non-Fiction ReadsAvailable: A Memoir of Heartbreak, Hookups, Love and Brunch by Matteson Perry