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Words for You

You’re here for words.

For your brand, your business, your blog, your brand new talk show, or your book – whatever it is, you’re missing some words, or you need some better words, to help you sell that idea, nail that pitch, or get the girl or guy you’ve got your eye on.

Rest easy, friend. Your word worries are for naught.

Below are some of the words I’ve put together over the last decade as a writer and award-winning television producer. You’ll find copy I’ve written for ad campaigns, a round-up of articles, branded content I’ve made for notable companies, and scriptwriting.

If you like some of them, get in touch, and I can put some words together for you, too.


Here is a selection of taglines and campaigns I’ve created over the past few years, a selection from The Cardmageddon – a Los Angeles-themed greeting card company, and a link to the successful Kickstarter campaign I ran.

Credit Sesame
The tagline: “Noise Canceling Cred-Phones”
The pitch: On a busy street, conversations about rent hikes, new fees, and expenses turn into a cacophony. Open your phone, see your credit score, and plug in the headphones. The external noise is silenced, thanks to Credit Sesame.

Colgate Palmolive
The tagline: “Don’t Let Your Sensitive Teeth Make Your Decisions”
The pitch: Channeling Goldilocks in a series of print ads, we’ll set up a number of hot/cold, sweet/sour food situations. In the “Before Pro-Relief” we’ll see how Goldilocks’s teeth guide her decision. In the “After Pro-Relief” we’ll see her deciding on what she wants to eat based on what she feels like, not what her teeth can handle. Referencing an iconic fairy tale will pique curiosity, and for those new to sensitive teeth pain, incite action as they look for temporary and permanent relief.

National Geographic
The tagline: “Explore Every Day”
The pitch: For a generation that’s all about life-hacking, experimenting, traveling and exploring, the only way to truly get anywhere worth going is to stay on the hunt for the new, the exciting, and the unknown. By using “every day” instead of “everyday” we imply that every single day is worth exploring. In that pursuit, we won’t always be successful, as we try and fail, and try again and fail again, but by keeping at the quest every day, and not taking days off, we can go further than we ever imagined.

The Cardmageddon

The Cardmageddon – a Los Angeles-themed greeting card company. With a name inspired by the Carmageddon that shut down the 405, we set out to capture the essence of each Los Angeles neighborhood, from Koreatown and Westwood to Industry and the Unincorporated Catalina Island (if you dare, the 265 neighborhoods, with plenty of alternatives, are here).

Monstrous Me: An Illustrated Guide to the Monsters Inside UsAfter a year of putting together an illustrated book, I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised 121% of its target fund, allowing for these books to be published and a dream to be realized.

monstrous me


For outlets like Huffington Post, IMDB, Medium, Moviefone, and Brass, I have written about culture, reviewed music, conducted interviews, and thought way too much about the best way to learn languages, among other subjects. Here is a list of clips:

Branded Content

Through an award-winning decade in television, I have written dozens of scripts (30-second produced videos, interviews, live mentions, and social media pieces) for internationally known brands everywhere from nationally syndicated talk shows to the front page of YouTube.

From running contests to give away cars, creating games for at-home contestants, producing a viral comedy campaign, a surprise-filled live stream on the Youtube homepage, I’ve worked with brands big and small to make sure their messages are communicated to a nationwide audience in an effective, clever, and personal way.

Need ideas on crafting your campaign, or getting your brand on television? Let’s talk about your pitch.

Scriptwriting – Unscripted

As a writer and producer, I’ve worked with companies and networks like NBC, FOX, BET, A&E, Lifetime, Vice, CNN, Participant Media, Nickelodeon, on projects ranging from daytime talk to primetime interview shows and late-night comedy programs.

Most recently, I was one of the writers on the recent hourlong A&E special, Race & Resolution: The Time is Now, that also aired on Vice, Lifetime, and others, and featured an interview with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and commentary with Jemele Hill, Yvette Nicole Brown, Amanda Seales, and others.

I’ve also written episodes and developed show formats for a topical, nationally syndicated radio show.

Need ideas for your talk show? Having trouble scripting an interview? Want an hourlong show format? I have some ideas for you.

Scriptwriting – Narrative

Working with Mattel as the writer on a digital series for Thomas & Friends was a bit of a dream come true, and seeing the episodes rack up millions of views is still shocking. Since my days interning for the Writing Fellowship at Nickelodeon, I’ve had a passion for animation, and to see that become a profession is encouraging.

For more of the animation I’ve written, you can check out Monstrous Studios.

The Last Words

I hope you enjoyed reading some of these words as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them, as well as seeing how they’ve been let loose into the world. The power that comes from just putting pen to paper is incredible.

Now that you’ve seen how I can help you craft a contagious tagline or a compelling campaign, what are you waiting for? Let’s work together to get you the words you need.

P.S. If you would like to stay in touch, I write a weekly letter that’s filled with stories, failures, lessons learned, and occasionally, pie. If you’d like to give it a read, please sign up here.